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Just a suggestion. I'd like to see a new system on the site that allows users to download all of the images of a determined tag automatically. For example, let's say I want all of Reimu images, but only the pics with a score above ten. So, I'd select "Hakurei_reimu" and "score:>10" and the site would automatically give me all said images for download in a single zipped archive.

That would save a lot of time, and users wouldn't have to click loads and loads of pics, being only able to download one after another slowly.

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  • Your suggestion is rather hard to imagine or to be done, since danbooru only runs a single (I'm not sure) server, and making archive of a certain tag search will rather cause a massive slowdown or eventually breakdown since there are so many tag combinations that can be done.

    I think slow downloads still is the better idea, for the sake of this site.

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