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Wallpaper tag

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Should posts be tagged with wallpaper if they fit those dimensions, even if they weren't intended to be used as wallpapers? The wiki is not good at clearing that up. If so, then the tag seems pretty redundant since we can search by width and height.

I'm also seeing a lot of posts which fit the dimension criteria but do not have wallpaper tags. Not to mention a lot of resolutions which match mobile device wallpaper sizes also exist but are not on the list provided.

Updated by ghostrigger

Well the wiki does mention that images "worthy" of being someone's background image should have the wallpaper tag. The big problem with that is that it's subjective. Personally, I'd just tag it wallpaper given the right resolutions, as it makes it easier for regular users to perform a general search of wallpaper and a copyright tag, for example, rather than using up all their tag searches on height and width (I'm assuming these count as part of the tag limit, if I'm wrong, correct me).

Besides standard sizes I add whatever posts are workable as wallpapers, i.e.:
- highres+
- roughly 4/3 format or wider regardless of the actual numbers
- crisp
- composition makes sense as a wallpaper (no walls of text, random game cgs, linearts or whatever)

I'd be pissed off to miss good images just because they happen to be 2000x1500 or something rather than the exact size.