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So I saw the original_precure tag earlier today. I edited all its posts to instead use the original and precure tags and put a note in its wiki to not use such a tag. Then I got this message from kn8485909 :

Please do not remove Original Precure tag. This doesn't necessarily mean "Original" precisely, and it's based on a meaningful Pixiv tag.
Please refer to Wiki Links

And the wiki he linked to is original_precure's wiki which he changed to state "Original Precure (オリジナルプリキュア) is the Pixiv tag means the Fan made Precure created by artist oneself or other artists.
This doesn't always mean "original" art. Because, this concept includes the character which was designed by other artists and some Doujin Circles."

Who ever said that characters designed by other artists or circles don't fall under original? And you can easily find such characters by searching the two tags precure original. original_precure is thus a useless combination tag. We don't have original_touhou or original_madoka for the same reason.

"It's based on a pixiv tag" is also not a good reason. Pixiv has many tags that are not suitable for Danbooru purposes.

I don't want to get into an editing war with this guy, so can somebody back me up here?

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