Tag Aliases: wooden_sword -> bokken; bamboo_sword -> shinai

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Tag Alias: wooden_sword -> bokken

Reason: 15/18 posts seems to fall under bokken and it's variants and many people might not be familiar with the japanese term.

the other 3 posts (post #462387, post #828784, post #892238) seem to be more of a wooden_dagger.

Tag Alias: bamboo_sword -> shinai

Reason: all posts seem to be shinai but many people might not be familiar with the word.

EDIT: i'm also fine with aliases moving the other direction akin to sakura_blossoms -> cherry_blossoms


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^ i see your point. post #828784 and post #892238 can be called old school "wooden_sword" by children despite of their small sizes.

i'm unaware if post #462387 has an exclusive term for that particular type.

i'm not sure if cleaning and setting wiki definitions be a better option. moving everything to bokken and the 3 posts be left to wooden sword. fresh wiki entries to differentiate the terms.

but if not, i'm fine with implicating bokken -> wooden sword

i found toy gun. maybe we can use toy sword for the 3 posts in question regardless of material, though i'm not sure which is more popular among children toy sword or wooden sword?

checked list of weapons and discovered that since the beginning wooden sword, bokken, and shinai are listed under training weapons. this enforces the idea that the 3 posts in question are mistagged. but if toy sword is not better for them, i would settle for wooden_sword_(toy).