colorful bars in post tag history

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premise: i was comparing post_tag_history and post_versions in db2 hoping to discover something and make a helpful report. i just noticed the color bars in the left-most side missing in db2

it occured to me that i didn't read about it the help file nor cheat sheet. it's unclickable. does it have a function or purpose? or is it limited to higher-level users? if there's an explanation that i probably missed please link me there. thanks.


oh, thanks for the link, never knew this was asked a couple of times already. taking ่‘‰ๆœˆ's word, unless i misinterpreted it, would it mean to gauge if posts of interest (working on committed at a time) are in consecutive order or nearest to each other?

so maybe this is more an indicator to spot conflicts. if 2+ posts share the same color bar (same post id) from different users then it's likely that they're cancelling/overwriting each other's changes.

it seems like it's really not that useful for ordinary members. perhaps for higher-level users i guess.

thanks for the info.