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Tag deletion: some personifications

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I see we have a lot of widely used tags for specific cosplays and cameos, including:

A few tags of specific personifications have been following suit. These have one or two posts each; and, apparently, up to today nobody is particularly interested in making use of them or justifying their existence.

If no one objects, I'm going to remove them from all the posts, and make sure they are simply tagged personification and the tag of what is personified. They are all gems and stones, like amber_(stone), so the personified tags like amber_(personificaton) are especially unlikely to be filled with more posts. They are...

Updated by Shinjidude

Though in some ways it's better (if there is to be a character tag at all) that there be a personification tag set as character rather than changing the base generic item to a character.

As unlikely as it might be, these objects could potentially be tagged as objects in the future.