Tag Alias: ichigo_100 -> ichigo_100%

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No good, the posts are still tagged "ichigo_100" after the alias has gone through.

Is the percent sign a non-allowed character in tags, like the comma?

Yeah. It gets removed.

Delete alias ichigo_100 -> ichigo_100%.
Aliasing ichigo_100 -> ichigo_100_percent.
Aliasing ichigo_100% -> ichigo_100_percent.

(ichigo_100% can't be added as a tag, but you can still search for it.)

Some other copyrights with % in the title:

Aliasing asuka_120 -> asuka_120_percent.
Aliasing asuka_120% -> asuka_120_percent.
Aliasing momoko_120 -> momoko_120_percent.
Aliasing momoko_120% -> momoko_120_percent.

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