Tag Removal: Izayoi_Sakuya_(young)

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As I already said in forum #24575, page 21, I don't see the point of this tag.

Izayoi_Sakuya_(young) is just a young Izayoi Sakuya. And for some reason, this rather general sounding tag (and also misleading, considering Alice_Margatroid_(young) is a canon character ) is only used for Sakuya in one artist's comic. (as if there weren't more comics with a young Sakuya in them, just like for every other character.

post #1008764, HarryHedgehog said:
Shouldn't that young Sakuya tag just be a young tag?

BTW, I would not tag cirno-nee either when she isn't wearing her scarf AND doesn't even appear to be older than usual. (post #1009355).

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I'll just ask here again.

Should we really tag cirno-nee on posts in which it is impossible to tell based on visuals (no yellow scarf)?

Basically, pool #4918's setting is the one established by riicha and uses his/her made-up personalities for the characters.
Based on this, every occurrence of Cirno is also tagged Cirno-nee.

See also my earlier post above.
Why did we need a cirno-nee tag in the first place? To tag her costume + appearance (older and yellow scarf) I would think.

Well the thing is that Cirno-nee isn't just about her scarf. She wears other stuff too. Most notably, a ⑨ hoodie with an up pony-tail. And she also just wears the canon Cirno outfit with no scarf alot as well. So it's really about her general attitude as well as being older.
Hope it's okay to link this.
Thats another one of Cirno-nee's designs. And that's not fan-art, that is canon to the story.