Tag suggestion: rainbow_order

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I've noticed several images where characters and/or objects are arranged according to the seven color spectrum, such as post #819908, post #866845, post #1040070, and post #881831. It isn't exactly a rainbow, but the spectrum is created using something other than a real rainbow.

Should a rainbow_order or similarly-named tag be created to represent this composition, or should it just be kept to the rainbow tag? Likewise, the colorful tag could be used instead.


I don't think it's a bad idea. I kind of like it.

But do you limit it specifically to red -> violet?
Is it for the whole image or just subelements too (like post #1040070 suggests)?

e.g., Do you apply it to things like Flandre Scarlet's wing crystals? They start at light blue and cycle through to violet, around to red, and back to blue.

(I'm not sure how to link a pool, so just follow the wiki entry on her to get to the "Fancy Winged Flandre" pool for some examples. Few seem to accurately reflect the proper order of colors, though.)

I thought about Flandre's wings and Hinanawi Tenshi's dress for a bit, but I'm honestly stumped. For now, I'm sticking to if you can really see the colors just in the thumbnails. I was thinking the same for Touhou characters who use rainbow-themed danmaku such as Houraisan Kaguya, Hong Meiling and Tatara Kogasa.

As for subelements, I added post #1040070 because it still fits the description of an object being colored in the rainbow order. It doesn't necessarily have to be the main focus of the image. That's why I also added post #437164 earlier today.

This is exactly why I'm stuck with Flan's wings and Tenshi's dress; they can either be the main focus and/or a subelement. It'd be a real pain in the ass to go through every Flandre and Tenshi picture just to add this tag.


I think you should limit it to situations in which the main focus of the image is the rainbow theme, i.e. when it dominates. That'll get you stuff like post #1048161 without worrying about picking it out of the background in any image Flan or Tenshi appear in.

I think the thumbnail idea is a good rule of thumb that should be added to the tag description.