Tag alias: fake_moustache -> fake_mustache

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That raises the question,are Danbooru's english tags officially based upon American English?

The most noticeable examples of tags with the U.S. spelling:
(British ver. in round brackets)

mustache (moustache)
color (colour)
center (centre)
airplane (aeroplane)
pajamas (pyjamas)
chili (chilli)
tire (tyre)

And the opposite (British version being used; US ver. in brackets)

axe (ax)
doughnut (donut)
gazelle (gazel) [only has one post]
grey (gray)
mould (mold) [2 posts]


It's probably mostly American spelling.

That said, and despite being an American, I prefer every one of your British version tags. They are generally accepted variants in American English, and are the ones I would use in everyday use.


Danbooru prefers American English as it's an American and English site. Also, for the record, every one of those "British" spellings except for mold are accepted American English spellings. And a tag with two posts is hardly a representive of anything, anyway.