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That raises the question,are Danbooru's english tags officially based upon American English?

The most noticeable examples of tags with the U.S. spelling:
(British ver. in round brackets)

mustache (moustache)
color (colour)
center (centre)
airplane (aeroplane)
pajamas (pyjamas)
chili (chilli)
tire (tyre)

And the opposite (British version being used; US ver. in brackets)

axe (ax)
doughnut (donut)
gazelle (gazel) [only has one post]
grey (gray)
mould (mold) [2 posts]


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  • It's probably mostly American spelling.

    That said, and despite being an American, I prefer every one of your British version tags. They are generally accepted variants in American English, and are the ones I would use in everyday use.


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  • Danbooru prefers American English as it's an American and English site. Also, for the record, every one of those "British" spellings except for mold are accepted American English spellings. And a tag with two posts is hardly a representive of anything, anyway.

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