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Even though Inu_sakuya is based off of Izayoi_Sakuya from the touhou series, is she considered a character in her own right? Since shes not marked with a character tag, is this intentional or is he a character to her own right?

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  • Suiseiseki said: As I recall, characters like Inu Sakuya, Ex Rumia, etc were made into general tags so as to not mess with chartags: searches. All of them should already be implicated to their base character.

    It doesn't seem to be consistent really. ex-keine is still a char: tag. So is miku_append. And then there's all the magical girls with alternate identity tags.

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  • It can't be that inu_sakuya is a replacement for izayoi_sakuya ~dog_ears ~dog_tail.

    These posts are of inu_sakuya who is another form of izayoi_sakuya created by ANGELTYPE, different enough to be a character on its own:
    post #820127, post #819822, post #793960, post #747558, post #702823
    The post #680795 and similar are not.

    I suggest cleaning up inu_sakuya. Specifically, I ask if anyone has any objections to me cleaning it up.

    Note, however, that this does not include characters who can modally become animal-like - such as Inu Sakuya or the Strike Witches.

    I also suggest that all images of Izayoi Sakuya with dog features who are not Inu_Sakuya get the kemonomimi_mode tag.

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