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Way I've figured, if there's a discernible underboob, it counts as a breast.* If it's just a puffy chest (as even some of the more feminine male subjects exhibit), then flat chest is more apt.

I would support a separation.

*For upright depictions; characters lying on their backs or such are more iffy.

A tag's name is pretty worthless if it can't be taken literally. That's what the majority of people are going to go by, especially with such a common subject and a term so widely known. You can't blame people for wanting flat to mean flat.

Personally, I'm pretty indifferent about the separation, but a tag's name is still pretty damn important.

I will say, though, that the difference between what someone might call small breasts and a flat chest will probably be pretty negligible most of the time, which is probably why there isn't a separation in the first place.

Let me reiterate the metric we use and the reasoning behind it.

In art depicting the human form, the size of the depicted person/character's head is a basic metric on which to judge the proportions of the rest of their body, from the size of the torso to the length of the limbs. This includes the bust line and breast size.
This metric applies to things drawn in the typical "manga style" that we usually prefer to see on Danbooru as well as more true-to-life depictions.

If we were to apply the truly literal definition of "flat chest", then there would be zero curvature on the girl's chest at all, including the outward protrusion of the nipples and pectoral musculature and/or the concave area of the sternum. Since we typically aren't quite that literal when applying the term "flat", the distinction between "flat" and "small" is merely one of personal word choice. Similarly, some feel that breasts below a certain size hardly even count as breasts at all.
We have long since settled on a loosely estimated metric: that if a girl's breasts are less than about 1/3 of her head's volume in size, they're small enough to be considered "flat".
Thus, flat chest = breasts less than or equal to ~1/3 of the volume of the girl's head.

As we go up the scale, nearing a 1:1 head volume-to-breast volume ratio, it becomes obvious that the breasts depicted are larger than normal. At this point, it is not an all-too-uncommon occurrence for breasts to appear in this size (in anime and manga, at least). Thus, we tag them as "large".
large breasts = breasts roughly the same size as the character's head.

For those breasts in the realm between "large" and "flat", well, they're soundly average as far as common anime/manga art depictions are concerned. Thus, we simply use the unmodified breasts tag for this range.

When the breast size goes clearly above the volume of the owner's head, we use the huge breasts tag. This is for those breasts that are fairly rare to see depicted in the sort of material Danbooru caters to, but are not quite at the level of absurdity yet. If each boob is clearly bigger than the girl's head, but not twice as big, this is the tag we use.
Short ver.: huge breasts = 1x to 2x the head size

Above twice the volume of the character's head, it's starting to get a bit ridiculous. You won't typically see this occurring outside of pornographic material catering to lovers of extremely large breasts. We use the gigantic breasts tag for these.
The range for gigantic breasts is when they're larger than twice the volume of the girl's head, but less than three times that.

Anything at or above three head-sizes in volume is considered grotesque and is likely to be considered for deletion, if it even gets accepted in the first place.

If this whole thing was tl;dr for you, then at least check the wiki pages for the following tags:
flat chest
large breasts
huge breasts
gigantic breasts

flat_chest    breasts     large_breasts
[0, 1/3]      (1/3, 1)    ~1

In my opinion, both tags should be used if the image is borderline and you can't tell for sure if the breasts are smaller or larger than 1/3 of the head. The only other option would be "guessing".

I don't have anything against people tagging both for post #575308 (example), since the breasts tag is, for Danbooru purposes, "for images where the breasts are noticeable".

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