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There are 5 under_desk, 60-odd under_the_table.

I tried to search for earlier discussions of this, but forum search for "under_the_table" seems to find all the posts that include both "under" and "table" anywhere.

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Amazing how it's only ever been used in a sexual context except for one FSN image in under_desk.

Aliased to under_the_table for now, because if we want to differentiate between furniture types somehow (seems unnecessary), it all needs to be cleaned up and sorted out anyway. Though for some reason the _the_ part bothers me.

ghostrigger said:
somewhat related to this, requesting tag implication:
desk -> table

EDIT: changed to implication instead. thanks.

-1, desks aren't tables at all. They serve a similar purpose (they are both horizontal surface-tops for placing things), but are very different both functionally and visually (e.g. tables typically don't have cabinets or hutches, very often desks do). A counter is as much a table as a desk is. By analogy, it'd be like implicating sofa to chair because people sit on both.

EDIT: For full disclosure, apparently WordNet and Wikipedia disagree with me, both calling a desk a specialized table. Somehow that doesn't sound right to me though.