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"orange_(color)" is cumbersome to type, with its parentheses (shift+9, shift+0) and whatnot. I discovered this when I was fixing some orange-colored images mistagged orange, which is for the fruit.

It has the same number of letters as, but more keystrokes than, zettai_ryouiki, whose helpful shortcut is /zr.


Alternative idea:

In fact, if orange_color was the main tag name, that would help and look good, too. Frankly, both it and orange_(color) look weird for being obvious disambiguations from orange (fruit), while "orange color" sounds natural enough in English phrases.

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titaniachkt said:
You could always add it to your favourite tags,if just temporarily.

I do agree with you though,orange_(fruit) sounds more..natural

Agreed, seeing as the orange fruit is an object while the orange color is a more general concept I believe that it's the fruit that should be followed by the parentheses.

I imagine the orange as a fruit tag originated first, as the object being tagged likely occurred before tagging things based on colored themes would have come around. By the time the color usage came around, the fruit version would have already been well established.

As for which should use the orange tag, I support the fruit over the color, because I think these color tags are somewhat silly to begin with.