Name Connections and the Clever Pool

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I've seen a large number of posts in the Clever Pool which aren't much more than a play off of a character's name, such as having character X cosplaying as another character whose name is X from another series and that kind of thing.
Would it be a good idea to make some kind of tag, such as name_connection, instead of having them all in the Clever pool (since some of them are, to be honest, not very clever)?

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Shintear said:
I think lookalike doesn't carry the same issue though because it is something that can be seen without prior knowledge of the characters or whatever. namesake, company_connection, etc... are informative towards people who aren't aware of the connection as it is not usually made readily apparent by looking at the image by itself.

It's not always apparent as it sometimes involves cosplay or references to the similar-looking characters rather than a crossover with them both in the same image.