Implications/Aliases: backgrounds

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Reason for aliases:

noun background -> adjective background


Reason for implications:

pattern background -> pattern


Removed only this implication as controversial.

Updated by jxh2154

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  • titaniachkt said:
    Also,how would post #888631 be tagged?
    I would use flower for the plant and rose,and flower_(symbol) for the choker and beads

    The beads don't seem much symbol-like to me. They're quite realistic in the context of the image.

    While we're having this discussion, I took back my request to create the "floral background -> flower" implication.


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  • Did:
    create alias flower_background -> floral_background
    create alias star_background -> starry_background
    create implication card_background -> card
    create implication gradient_background -> gradient
    create implication heart_background -> heart
    create implication leaf_background -> leaf
    create implication polka_dot_background -> polka_dot
    create implication starry_background -> star
    create implication striped_background -> striped

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