One comment per hour change

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I am proposing a change in this rule.

--- Sorry if something like this already is used (I didn't see it in the rules)---

I like this rule because it prevents spam and other incontinence on comment pages. But I think for good users and rule following commenters, the rule is too srict. What if you raise the limit for commenters that follow the guide and post in a "likable" way. Of course I would say that the only members that would get this "raise" would need have been here for 6 months ,to a year (so I wouldn't be elgible for the "raise"). And if the member also showes good conduct (not uploding vids that are against the upload guid, not posting usless comments, or basicly not causing truble for the community) then give this "raise as a reward or gift.

I'd say raise it to 3-5 comments per hour (baised on the amount of effort put in by the member). It would seem as a reword for the uploaders/members hard work. Most likly it will be a genraly accepted "promotion". It will also show that danbooru also cares about normal members and not just the privleged/premuim members. Who knows it might get people more involved in the site.

please give me feedback on this proposal


It's actually 2/hr, according to this, and that's only about bumping, you can post as much as you want. At any rate you're more or less suggesting what we already do. If you contribute you can get bumped to Builder and you'll, presumably, be able to bump comments as much as you want.