Tag suggestion: detached_wings

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lastsinz said:
If other types of wings count, Cirno is going to dominate this tag.

There was a discussion about this a while back, wasn't it? Similar to how we shouldn't tag ice wings for every instance of blue diamonds floating behind Cirno (the tag in question needs cleaning up, now that I look at it), we should only use detached wings for things that people expect to see when they search for detached_wings. I would be royally pissed if I searched detached_wings and got blue Cirno diamonds every page. Tags should be useful, not simply there to make tag lists look bigger.

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  • Yes, it was a different wings tag but the conclusion was to only tag it when they are in the vague shape of wings rather than "objects floating over one's back so people call them wings." That should be the case for most wing subdivision tags.

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