tag discussion: string vs thread

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I know this is very late for me to bring this back up, but I'm updating the wiki for sewing and was about to use string and thread as fibers used for the technique. However, I looked at the posts for both and don't really see much visual difference. Upon browsing some English language forum discussions asking this question, the common conception is that thread is the thinnest material used for sewing, while string is slightly thicker and used for wrapping packages (post #1051012), or it can refer to tying shoelaces (post #492906). But in images with visibly thicker fibers, it'd be easier to assume it's a rope instead since the thickness levels between string and thread are not as obvious as they are between string and rope.

On another point, string is way more populated than thread, plus there's also the heart of string implicating string. Despite what I said 2 years ago, it doesn't seem to matter if the thread is still attached to the spool or not; it's the thickness of the material that matters.

I think it would be sensible to do a thread -> string alias not because they're the same thing, but because they're typically depicted close in thickness levels and practical use. Although the differences are there, they seem to be used synonymously.