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After coming across post #1094312,it raises the question-
What exactly is the criteria for formal?

From the wiki:

A scene characterised by characters wearing suits, dress shirts, dresses, gowns, vests, slacks, and dress shoes.

Are we limited to strictly formal occasions only?

A couple more examples where it's not strictly formal:

post #1090827
post #1087080
post #1086494

Opposed to a scene where all the characters dressed as such:

post #1086419
post #1080519
post #1077024

Maybe some distinction could be made,depending on the number of subjects present in the picture (solo or >1)

I noticed we have a casual tag as well

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  • I get the feeling that the formal tag is for a more formal scene, as opposed to someone who just happens to be in a suit, especially if that's their normal outfit. We have suit and dress tags, too, so it wouldn't make sense to use formal just because one of those show up in a picture. If I'm right, the wiki should definitely be clarified.

    Casual's wiki on the other hand explains pretty clearly that it's for alternate_costume situations only.

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