Tag Alias Discussion: Horiguchi Yukiko and pen names

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Artist Horiguchi Yukiko apparently operates under at least two pen names.

The pen name Shiromizakana (白身魚) already has a tag and a link back to Horiguchi Yukiko. The pen name Dochibi (どちび) currently has no tag. A third name SasakiA (佐々木A) seems to have been used only for a short time in 2008-2009, with post #656978 published under this name, along with this cover in the same series.






Thus far I have only found consistent but unsourced and/or circumstantial information linking Horiguchi Yukiko to Shiromizakana/Dochibi (the latter two pen names are definitely the same person, though).

I suggest the alias:

Shiromizakana -> Horiguchi_Yukiko

barring any contrary evidence. Further aliases seem unnecessary as the handful of images that might have been tagged with Dochibi (post #61151, post #175858, and to a lesser extent post #296405) have already been tagged with Horiguchi Yukiko.

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