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Seem said:
Gear Fighter Dendoh's spelling is Dendoh, in English, on every single thing related to the show.

If we hope to be consistent in our romanization endeavours, this one is unavoidable. The name is written in kanji (電童).

Did the following:
inoh_shin -> inou_shin
katoh_akatsuki to katou_akatsuki
gundoh_musashi to gundou_musashi
senbata-roh to senbata-rou
gear_fighter_dendoh to gear_senshi_dendou

I think I agree with EB on Kiyoh, else Kiyal would need to be Kiyaru and Simon become Shimon and... etc. TTGL names are largely just made up.


And Seem, I don't think you understand why we have romanization rules because this isn't the first time you've raised that irrelevant objection.

dengeki_moeoh -> dengeki_moeou
yoshinari_yoh -> yoshinari_you
asakura_yoh -> asakura_you
kingindoh -> kingindou_yumeji
daimaoh_k -> daimaou_k
santoh_takeshi -> santoo_takeshi
kobayashi_youkoh -> kobayashi_yoshitaka

Yeah, I used to try to include reasons when deleting purely so people getting emails wouldn't be confused, but I figure most old aliases were from people who aren't even signed up anymore and it just got a bit tedious to include reasons for one person.

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