'Perfect X' pools -> Rename to something else?

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I find that the word 'perfect' is kind of a completely inapplicable term, since perfection, in practice, does not exist. Thusly, I find the names of pools like 'Perfect ass' or 'Perfect Breasts' somewhat jarring.

May I suggest renaming them to something like 'Awesome X' or 'Enticing X'? It would give the same 'feeling' without having to use the word 'Perfect'. It may look like I'm being silly, but I consider this issue serious, since perfection is, sadly, unattainable.

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  • Oldest example: pool #73 - Perfect Hands


    1. Perfect Hands
    2. Well-Drawn Hands
    3. Realistic Hands
    4. Best Hands
    5. High-Quality Hands
    6. Choosing other name or doing something else (in another thread, some people said they wanted to delete "Perfect X" pools, for example)

    I like the status quo, option one. It would be for the hands that are the closest to perfection that we can achieve.

    The option 3 is not bad, as possibly all hands drawn well enough to be realistic are awesome enough to be in that pool, but I may be wrong.

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  • Hell no. Just because there's a bit of moderation lacking doesn't mean we should suddenly go around killing all collections, some of which are years old and very well-maintained.

    T5J8F8 said:
    "Perfect X" -> "QUALITY X"

    I think you meant "Quality". "QUALITY" means something completely different.

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  • 葉月 said:
    I think you meant "Quality". "QUALITY" means something completely different.

    Yeah, I was aware. To be serious, though, "Quality X" feels concise and, for the humor factor, there is that "QUALITY" implication (considering some of the things that make it into these pools don't seem too feasible to be, especially distinctly-rounded breasts.

    EDIT: Perhaps Exquisite X?


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