Error with wildcard searching... (maybe)

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So, I did a search for rosario* *rub* out of pure laziness of trying to find out Ruby's name, and I got an error throwback saying:

Error: You cannot search for more than 7 tags at a time

I'm pretty sure that only counts as two tags. Or am I missing something here?


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  • For the curious, because I spent a while digging it up:

    Danbooru checks the number of tags in a search twice: once here, which is before wildcard and metatag parsing, and again here, which is after parsing. This is why the error message you get for a multiple wildcard search is "cannot search for more than 7 tags" instead of the usual "can only search up to six tags".

    Danbooru wildcards are not real wildcards; instead, they take the 7 most populated tags that match the wildcard, expand the wildcard into those, and re-run the search. The reason that single-wildcard searches that include non-wildcard terms (i.e. cum_on_* blue_hair) still work is that the list of expanded terms and the list of normal terms are counted separately. (Curiously, because ~ terms are also put into the expanded list, searches like cum_on_* ~red_hair ~blue_hair also fail.) So when you try to search two wildcards, 14 search terms get put into the expanded list, which fails.

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