Full deleteing of images in pool 4055

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You're free to flag individual images if you think that they don't meet danbooru's quality standards, but that pool has undergone so much reviewing, so I will just assume that only the "worthy" images are left.

I don't find much wrong with most of the deleted images in the pool; I wager that if the comic text was Japanese instead of English and came from a Japanese artist they'd be approved in a heartbeat, even with the same contents.

That being said, deleting the remaining images serves no useful purpose.

This isn't an issue of nationality. I know that at least one Touhou comic from a Japanese artist has been caught in a very similar controversy before.

Most of the worst comics in this series have been deleted already, but personally I think the remaining ones should still be thinned out a little. Full deletion would be going a bit too far.

The remaining images' gags or narratives should mostly be able to stand on their own. Unless a random page or two in the middle of an ongoing story was re-approved each should make sense by themselves, so any further action shouldn't be necessary - barring more people thinking it's bad enough to warrant flagging, that is.

And yes, nationality has zero bearing, as was said endlessly when that pool was originally flagged. At almost the same time that pool was flagged, another poorly drawn pool done by a Japanese artist was targeted for review.