New Pool Suggestion: Danbooru 100

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Edit: Ninjad.

No need for a pool if you can use a tag search. Come to think of it, why isn't Pixiv 1000 a tag? It's objective enough and we already have pixiv-related tags like bad id.

In fact, the number of pools not dedicated to sequences of images that are supposed to be read in a correct order seems to have gotten out of hand. I've basically given up browsing the pool list and just glance at searches for touhou and original. Sometimes I wonder whether some people wouldn't mind seeing most of the site scrapped and everything be found via pools and favourites.

I know I wouldn't mind seeing all the collections and subjective pools be lumped into a new subjective tag type, the pools nuked so the search list is filled with comics again and possibly add a "hide subjective tags" feature for those that are annoyed by them.

Are tags that much harder to moderate (I can see the ease of creating new tags being a problem), or am I whining about nothing particularly important?