Tag Alias: pokemon_+_nobunaga_no_yabou -> pokemon_conquest

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Sounds good enough, based on the Mystery Dungeon comparison.

(However, pokemon_mystery_dungeon is the only tagged spin-off game for which there was a localized title to use, as pokemon_ranger and others have the same name in English and Japanese.)

Anyway, this would be the full code of the proposal:

remove alias pokemon_+_nobunaga's_ambition -> pokemon_+_nobunaga_no_yabou
remove alias pokemon_plus_nobunaga_no_yabou -> pokemon_+_nobunaga_no_yabou
remove alias /pny -> pokemon_+_nobunaga_no_yabou
create alias pokemon_+_nobunaga's_ambition -> pokemon_conquest
create alias pokemon_plus_nobunaga_no_yabou -> pokemon_conquest
create alias /pny -> pokemon_conquest
create alias pokemon_+_nobunaga_no_yabou -> pokemon_conquest


I, personally, don't mind having either pokemon_mystery_dungeon or pokemon_fushigi_no_dungeon. Probably I'd choose the former (the current one), as people most often say "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon" rather than remembreing the Jap title.

Well, there's some inconsistency beyond that game, anyway.

Here's a quick analysis.

  • The tagged spin-off games are:
  • The card game:
    • pokemon trading card game
      • ENG - "Pokémon Trading Card Game"
      • JAP - "Pokémon Card Game"
      • includes the JAP-only game "Pokémon Card GB 2: GR-Dan Sanjou!"
  • pokemon_(anime) is English-based. According to the title cards, the anime is called pocket_monsters. (or "Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation", "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!", etc.)
  • The main (i.e., non-spin-off) games are:
    • pokemon_rgby, pokemon_gsc, pokemon_rse, pokemon_dppt and pokemon_bw.
    • The 1st and the 2nd are definitely ENG. See the names below:
      • Gen 1, JAP: Pocket Monsters Aka / Pocket Monsters Midori / Pocket Monsters Ao / Pocket Monsters Pikachu
      • Gen 1, ENG: Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Yellow ("Pokémon Green" does not exist as an official name anywhere, but is a common fan translation of Pocket Monsters Midori)
      • Gen 2, JAP: Pocket Monsters Kin, Pocket Monsters Gin, Pocket Monsters Crystal Version
      • Gen 2, ENG: Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver, Pokémon Crystal
    • The 3rd and the 4th can be either ENG or JAP. As the official name Japanese names are more inclusive, with two examples being:
      • JAP: Pocket Monsters - Aka - Pokémon - FireRed
      • ENG: Pokémon FireRed
      • JAP: Pocket Monsters - Pokémon - Diamond
      • ENG: Pokémon Diamond
    • The 5th just differs by "Pocket Monsters" and "Pokémon".
      • JAP: Pocket Monsters White
      • ENG: Pokémon White
  • pokemon_(game)'s situation is... weird. As said above, the main games start with "Pocket Monsters", but some exceptions have "Pokémon" somewhere in their titles; the spin-offs start with "Pokémon", too.
  • All mangas use the Japanese title, or some ENG/JAP blend: