Tag Implication: saki_achiga-hen -> saki

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I'm honestly not too sure on this implication. Is the relationship between the two series really to the extent that one should implicate the other? I'm not too familiar with Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A, but what I've seen from the manga would suggest that outside of the introduction the two series don't share any main cast members. Haramura Nodoka only appears in flashbacks and other characters seem to only make cameos. Going by the national tournament layout depicted in chapter 4 of Achiga-hen (chapter 66 of Saki), they're on the opposite side of the tournament ladder from Saki's characters, which would mean all their competitors will be new characters until the semi-finals where where they'd encounter Miyanaga Teru's school.

Given that there really seems to be little overlap in cast (this is reinforced by the fact that on ANN there are only 2 characters shared between Saki and Saki Achiga-hen: Haramura Nodoka as a secondary character and Kataoka Yuuki as a tertiary character), I don't think it would make sense to implicate Achiga-hen to Saki. At least I don't think it would make sense so long as Saki the specific series and Saki the franchise are one and the same tag.