create implication bandage_over_one_eye -> bandages

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The wiki for bandage_over_one_eye states "A roll of bandage or an adhesive band-aid placed over the eye [...]." If that is accurate, then that would suggest that images in which it is not a bandage but a bandaid (or more accurately an adhesive pad/eyepatch) could be depicted and would fall under this tag. Adhesive bandages/pads are not tagged bandage, so if this definition of bandage_over_one_eye is kept, such an implication shouldn't be done.

A good example of the adhesive eyepatch/pad is Kobushi Abiru, though in her case she doesn't seem to be depicted with the adhesive eyepatch without bandages on or near the eye as well. Examples: post #801739 and post #716926.

I would say no implications should be done, since you could have an image where you do not have something that would qualify for the bandage tag.

post #1091624 there isn't really anything that would be a bandage by the wiki definition, there are just gauze pads with adhesive tape.

The bandage_over_one_eye definition would need to be changed to only cover just bandages over the eye, otherwise there needs to be room left with the tag to cover instances where there isn't any bandages present, but just an adhesive eye patch or gauze pad covering the eye.