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Tag question: mosaic

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I searched the tag mosaic and found lots of sexy pictures, but none of them looked like a mosaic. The English definition of a mosaic is a large picture with many elements in an overall arrangement. Is there a Japanese word that is spelled "mosaic" and means something different?

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*bumping for related discussion*

there's a new tag that caught my attention. rough_censoring's wiki states censorship using pixel enlargement technique. we have something like this, mosaic i guess. though the latter has no wiki, the definition is located in pixelated.

however, the plain word mosaic is quite ambiguous. while rough_censoring has the word "censor" that can be easily understand without even reading the wiki. should we alias these two or move one from the other?

I completely agree with what is said above. The current arrangement is strange for a person who is unfamiliar with image editing software. Currently, those people will have to look up the meaning of a mosaic censor using Google. Additionally, some less-careful users are tagging quite a few pieces of mosaic art with mosaic.