Tag Suggestions: holding_weapon & single_wielding

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Just because a character is holding something and a weapon is in the image, doesn't mean they are holding_weapon. (post #305736 , post #305465 etc.)

We already have tags for dual_wielding, triple_wielding and quadruple_wielding, yet no tag for single_wielding. (Can't really think of a better tag to describe this..)
Might also be worth implicating all four tags to holding.

Not weapon due to the issue mentioned in http://danbooru.donmai.us/forum/show/59335

NWF_Renim said:
There are some issues on this. While it does say they're for weapons, there have been some non-weapons also using the wielding tags. Particularly dual_wielding fan. It should be noted that it isn't uncommon for some fans to be used as weapons, but that doesn't mean they should be tagged as a such.

Personally I do not think any of the wielding tags or even the gangsta_hold tag should implicate the weapon tag. I think there is room in all of them for non-weapons to end up under these tags and as such should not implicate the weapon tag.

Since each wiki page says "wielding * weapons", it may be worth having a seperate tag for non-weapons or editting the wiki to clarify that it can be *_wielding other items.

Updated by Shinjidude

  • If anything, I'd prefer having wielding rather than single_wielding, because single wielding is the "default" number.


Shinjidude said:
Single wielding is better than wielding for "wielding with one hand",

I wholeheartedly agree.

+1 for using single_wielding for that specific purpose.

(P.S.: But, from the start, I did not ever mean that wielding would mean "wielding with one hand"; this would be absolutely unintuitive.

I think I did not explain my previous idea very well in my previous message, but it doesn't matter now, anyway, since I agree with what Shinjidude said.)


I can't see this being useful.
The vast majority of weapons are already "single_wielding", so it's much more important to tag the rarer and unusual varients (dual, triple, quadruple).
Even without that "single wielding", the results are good enough (weapon -dual_wielding -triple_wielding -planted_weapon -hands_on_hilt -sheathed still 3380 pages of 3789 pages). We'd basically blanket tag weapon single_wielding.
Then there are weapons that you wouldn't want to tag *wielding* if that implicates *holding* such as claw_(weapon) and arm_cannon.

And who would ever want to search for dual_holding?