Viewing absurdres (or even just saving them) on iPad?

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I'm on the road and can't give up my daily dose of the 'Booru. But I can't view larger pictures on my iPad; I only get a placeholder and a question-mark icon. If I try to save, the save is only of a blurry question mark.

My iPad is jailbroken, so if there are any special browsing alternatives not available to regular iOS customers (and preferably which help me in my particular situation), please advise. Thanks!


There should be no problems viewing absurdres pics on any OS or browser. Unless it's a known booru issue with iOS or 'droid pads.

Why not try and activate the [resize images] option by going My Account > Settings and then checking on the [resize images] option. to view in real size, just click on "view original" and then save.

it may help, i think.

iDevices break extremely often when viewing very large images on any site; this includes iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Not to mention that in rare instances where the image loads properly, you will only see significantly-downsampled images anyway, even on the new 2048x1536 iPad screen, defeating the point of seeing something in absurdres.

Danbooru is primarily meant for desktop browsing, at any rate. I believe albert had plans to make danbooru 2 behave nicer on mobile devices, but as it is right now, just use a computer or an android device.

EDIT> You might also be timing out on the image load if your internet is too slow.