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imouto.org sources

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came across post #1033344 and observed that urls of *.mouto.org don't automatically redirect to the new domain of yande.re resulting dead links. is it all right to correct these active posts then and point to the new domain?

and in any case, what's the desired naming convention - should we preserve even the moe id and tags used in imouto.org or is the md5 hash enough? EDIT: or should the source point to the landing page instead? thanks.

Updated by RaisingK

ghostrigger said:
surprisingly, both https://yande.re/jpeg/ced98dcf8f37a6dd53fc77405a7de516.jpg and https://yande.re/jpeg/ced98dcf8f37a6dd53fc77405a7de516/.jpg are direct links. should the slash matter?

Strange, both are re-directing me to the post page.

RaisingK said:
Perhaps the https://yande.re/post/show?md5=881eef673e1c8468daf4b28430aeca62 form would be better?

That would be fine for https://yande.re/image/* URLs, but best to keep the direct urls for https://yande.re/jpeg/* & https://yande.re/sample/* .

^ maybe, it's a browser problem on my part...

and i'm fine whichever path we choose. i didn't test and look for examples yet, but in case we use /post/show?md5=# i think it's possible to have same landing pages between posts if we both have the jpg and png versions from yande.re