Alias: several starblazer character names -> their original uchuu senkan yamato versions

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Given that we prefer the original version names here, and some images still have dub names tagged, and aliasing is an easy way to do it (and also means that if there is surge of yamato images being uploaded, it doesnt matter if the uploader or tagger only knows the dub names because the alias will change it)

Not sure if I can get all of them, but going by one image that suffers badly from tagging from both dub names and original names, I can bring the following aliases

Argo -> Yamato_(spaceship)
Abraham_avatar -> Okita_Junzo
Derek_wildstar -> Kodai_Mamoru
Nova_forrester -> Mori_Yuki
Desslok -> Desler
Gamilon -> Gamilas

There may be other Starblazer names tagged that I haven't found yet, feel free to add them if you know of them.

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