Underwear and lingerie tags

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Related to forum #66409, I'd like to start a discussion on this topic. There are a few tags that I think should all have implications to underwear, and some opinions that may or may not be shared by all but that we should probably have a policy for.

First of all, currently the underwear tag is unused. It used to be aliased to lingerie, but in my opinion they are distinct--lingerie is underwear, but not all underwear is lingerie. So we've undone this alias. However, now there's a good opportunity to populate this tag with something sensible.

In my opinion, underwear is basically panties, bra, and any fancy lingerie like a chemise, though this kinda falls apart at stuff like a nightgown, which you'd still probably wear with panties at least.

So I think that the following implications should be made:
bra -> underwear
panties -> underwear
underwear_only -> underwear
And these ones are still up for debate:
lingerie -> underwear
chemise -> underwear

And others that I may have missed.

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Thong is currently only the underwear, at least as the wiki explains it. We do have 2 thong-related tags in the form of thong_bikini and thong_leotard, I think that's a better idea than to have thong be the all-encompassing thing it could be. It's too vague that way.

I'm not too sure about that implication of thong to panties myself either, though--but maybe it's because I have a limited view of what panties are (only the "boring" type would qualify for me).

I do agree that boyshorts seems to be outerwear in a LOT of cases, so definitely no on that implication, BUT if we can go through that tag and add the underwear/lingerie tag to the ones that ARE such, that would actually increase our tagging accuracy, which is cool.