Tag Alias: office_lady_(pokemon) -> clerk_(pokemon)

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Wow, was just thinking about this today...

Well, the trainer classes are a sort of middling ground, since they're not proper nouns, and most would be translations anyway, so use of the known English name would be best. clerk_(pokemon) covers two individual trainer classes, similar to the nidoran tag. If anything, it should be an implication, office_lady_(pokemon) -> clerk_(pokemon).

EDIT: At the least, there should not be a clerk -> OL alias, since there are Clerk ♂s.


Japanese games: OL and Businessman (female and male, respectively)
English games: Clerk (both genders)

Apparently, because of this discussion, we use the Japanese names for that character class.

However, all the other Pokémon character classes go the other way around. They use English names.

Please allow either of these two options belows, for consistency. Both are fine with me, but maybe I'd choose the 2, simply to follow the tradition and because it is the easiest to implement.

1. Move all the other English Pokémon character classes to their Japanese versions, including:

(much like we use Japanese names for Pokémon human characters, such as Natsume)

2. Move office_lady_(pokemon) to clerk_(pokemon). So, we would have English Pokémon character classes only. (much like we use English names for Pokémon species, such as Charmander)