Plural to Singular alias request thread

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iridescent_slime said:

create alias patches -> patch

Link to request

I don't know, in terms of what is under the tag it seems that it is more common to appear in sets than as a single. The reason for that is the usage of it seems to more emphasize being poor or at minimum impoverished in resources. This more commonly means depictions in multiples instead of singles. Also a single patch typically doesn't carry the same meaning as having to wear multiple patches on clothing, which tends to lean more toward indicating impoverishment.

There are also some images of characters or objects that are "patched together" (such as Madaraki Fran). I think using the term "patch" might make it more likely to confuse with the definition of "to make of patches or fragments", as it can more readily be confused with the act as opposed to the object.

Lastly I would like to migrate and spin off the concept of objects and characters that are "patched together", like post #288280. The tag name patched_together might be appropriate for the concept.

Well just by looking at it, I'd think they'd be better off in their own separate tag as the purpose and visual appearance of them are rather different from a patch to repair clothing.

The tag name for it could be either embroidered_patch or patch_(embroidery). Having it named patch_(embroidery) would by default make it appear when typing patch, but that can also be obtained by having patch_(embroidery) be aliased to embroidered_patch.

Given the current use of the patches tag, I do think the plural naming is slightly better, but by spinning off the other concepts and having them as tags that will appear when typing in "patch"in the search bar/tags box it will also help guide users away from misusing the tag we choose for the clothing repair kind. Even if we do choose to use just "patch" for the name of the tag it'll be less likely to be misused because of having the other patch tags exist.

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