Tag Alias: Cord -> Cable

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Serlo said: However, cable could mean the cables on a crane or suspension bridge, so maybe aliasing them both to electric_cable or electric_wire could help.

This would only be useful if we were going to distinguish between electrical cables and other cables (like you said, crane or suspension). So it comes down to whether the community thinks we need more specific tags like that. I personally would be for an electric_cable tag.

For now, I think we need to get rid of the cord tag, because how its being use now is just redundant to cable.

Showing up late on this, but I think you should reverse that back to cable. The cable tag was a catchall for similar appearing coated cables, wires, and tubing. They did not actually have to transmit electricity. I know originally it was probably intended specifically for "electrical" types, but when you get to a lot of sci-fi images there is no way to tell what is a electrical wire and what is a tube in many cases (additionally there are things like fiber optic cables, and so unless the insides are exposed there is no true way to identify specific types of cables).

If there was some need for suspension of similar type of cables, then "metal_cable" or similar would be appropriate enough.