Tag Alias: mouthful -> mouth_full

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"Mouthful" and "Mouth full" are not the same thing. A mouthful is a measurement, very vague measurement. "mouth_full" would be a full/filled mouth. full_mouth would be the same thing as mouth_full, but makes more sense.

I don't mind which way we go, but it should either be mouthful or full mouth, and I'd be inclined towards the latter.

Mouthful usually indicates the contents of a full mouth (the idiom "Well that was a mouthful" refers to the contents, not the mouth itself). Otherwise, full mouth follows our convention of tagging with noun phrases for visible instances of things. I'd lean towards the latter since the mouth is almost certainly visible, the contents are only implied to exist (unless there is also open_mouth).

All three of these should probably be aliased to the same tag.

I'm in favor of full_mouth.

As alunral said, a mouthful is used to refer to an amount (one mouth's worth) or a long or difficult to say word or phrase, neither of which are tagable concepts.

In the case of the phrase "Well that was a mouthful", it can either refer to the second meaning of mouthful in that someone has just said something long and/or hard to say ('similar in some respects to 'earful'), or the idiom meaning that the words someone has said have a lot of meaning. Again, not tagable (closest concept would be wall_of_text). Being an idiom, the use of 'mouthful' is just figurative anyways, so it shouldn't be used to define any tags. In any case, I've never heard or seen mouthful being used to refer to a mouth that was full.

mouth_full sounds a little awkward.