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I noticed the relatively new (started in June, it seems) tag absurdly long hair. If we are going to use this tag it should have some agreed-upon definition in the wiki. If very long hair is "at least as far as their hips", then maybe absurdly long would be something like "hair at least twice as long as body"?

(And on a slightly related note, why did juunigatsu no usagi nuke the hair tag? Sure, it's often unnecessary or a typo, but there were some posts like post #82643 where it was applicable.)

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  • ion288 said:
    Being able to stand on your own hair is not actually absurd though, I would prefer it to be half a body longer.

    Then that's the problem with the tag's name, not it's definition.
    Hair longer than the character's height is a good definition that is relatively easy to follow and it fits the idea of the tag we have here.

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  • Schrobby said:
    I think a slight expansion of my list above might be required.

    Very_short_hair Hair reaching the neck or shorter.
    Short_hair Hair length between neck and shoulders.
    Long_hair Hair length between shoulders and waist.
    Very_long_hair Hair length between waist and feet.
    Absurdly_long_hair Hair longer than the body.

    This is to distinguish between shoulder length hair that's seen quite often and really long hair.

    In general this is fine, though it'd be tough to apply retroactively. I'd make the change that very_short_hair apply to hair shorter than the jawline (to differentiate crew-cuts and pixie-cuts from short bobs). I'd also say that hair exactly at the shoulder-line is neither short nor long (as has been discussed previously, and as falls in-line with our policy with the non-existant medium_breasts tag.

    I'd also avoid any further granularity than this, 3 levels is fine, 5 is workable, anything beyond that and it becomes a mess that is hard to keep consistent and well-defined.

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  • We might be thinking of different things for "shoulder length". Most of short_hair is styles between roughly the chin and the shoulders (roughly Ayanami Rei to Hagiwara Yukiho to cite concrete examples), which is where I think it makes sense, shorter than that (above the chin or jawline) would seem to be visually distinct as very_short_hair to me.

    Hair that is long enough to just graze the shoulders is long enough to be distinct from short_hair and doesn't seem to be a typical case for that tag, and too short to be long_hair. Takino Tomo (pre-haircut) would be a fair example of a hairstyle that doesn't seem to be either short or long.

    The distinction between say Maya Ibuki and Akagi Ritsuko (post #473856) would be a good illustration of the cut between very_short_hair and short_hair I am thinking of. Maya's only comes down to her ears, wheras Ritsuko's goes down to her jawline or chin.


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