Proper tagging and YOU: "loli" vs "child"

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Well loli doesn't exactly meen it's sexual or anything suggestive in nature, it meens that on this site thought.

In any event, I will for sure use the child tag as I always wanted a tag to tag moe pics in general, specially as thats how I prefer my loli pics :P

<- hate boobs :P


Also something else is good to take up, if yoru going for the age of the character or for look, like izumi konata is in most cases drawn as a child or 'loli' but it's never tagged as such.

my personal thought about it is to tag by look and not by 'age'


You're right, on danbooru, loli = "looks like a preteen and is sexual in nature". Doesn't matter if the character is 18 in whatever canon it came from.

I understand the confusion in tagging loli since it's different from most other places, so I don't think we can really do anything about it other than to notify repeat offenders and to go through and fix the tag every now and again.

That's because "most places" use a lot of words in dumb ways (see the abuse of "moe" or "shoujo") or do it facetiously/very loosely, and while that's fine, it's not a good basis for tagging. So yes, the use of 'loli' at Danbooru has been stated as such for... what, years now? And so it will be.

As I'm the bastard banhammer-obsessed mod anyway, you can ask me to deliver justice in case of repeated offenders, after fulfilling the following conditions:

1. You have contacted the user in question and explained the nature of their wrongdoing (eg. by pointing to the definition of loli on danbooru). Just whining at me is not enough (I'm looking at you, Dalamar).
2. You have checked that they failed to comply and continue mistagging loli.
3. If so, you can ask me by sending me a mail with your mail from #1 quoted, as well as the date you sent it on and a link to at least one example of continued offense.
4. I reserve the right to decide that it was not, in fact, mistagging. Apparently some people seem to understand loliness widely differently than I (and most mods, I believe) do (hi again, Dalamar).

If 1-4 are successfully met, I will act upon the offending user, most probably handing them a ban.

Ok, is it just me or is the 'child' tag a potential headache?

post #249382 was tagged with child, but what's the point? Are we going to tag every teenager, adult, and senior citizen we come across too? You could add 'child' to half the database if you wanted.

Please only use something like 'child' if you have a good reason. Like, an artist's vision of how an adult character we know in a series would look as a child. That's precisely how we use adult. We really don't need every image of a young character getting the child tag, certainly.

Perhaps the 'child' tag can be used for any loli-esque picture that's Questionable, but not Explicit? There are probably quite a few users (*ahem* me ^^) who frequently search for loli-type pics, but don't care for explicitness. Just an idea.

I would think questionable stuff would get the loli tag in most cases.
Since questionable = barely (or not) clothed without actually showing genitalia (breasts are not genitalia), or otherwise sexually suggestive.

"adult" is irrelevant, the point here is people want young characters to be tagged as such so they can find them easier (which resulted in many people tagging fucking anything and everything as loli thus causing half the users not to see it).

Though I do agree #249382 being tagged as child was a bit pointless.

Edit: and yes, loli has always meant sexual and/or suggestive. It's basicaly a nice word for "fake child porn".
If you think otherwise, I would not be surprised if you made wapanese additions to your "english" vocabulary, like calling people "bakas" instead of "retards".

I think MugiMugi's, MairiMor's, Dalamar's and 葉月's needs should be covered by the flat_chest tag.
MugiMugi, don't add "child" or "flat_chest" to chibi posts. If you get off on both flat_chest and chibi, search for "~flat_chest ~chibi".
I don't think a "child" tag is needed, except as a counterpart to the "adult" tag.

Finally, you are all kisamas~~~ =^.^=

Dalamar said:
I wish albert would post his opinion, along with a guideline

He has stated the same guideline for "loli" repeatedly. Eg forum #6631, forum #6100.
As for the "child" tag, there are no guidelines, since you've just invented it (you forgot to make it link to loli and shota, btw). We'll see if it avoids more tagging problems than it causes.

I've been posting a lot of Powerpuff Girls Z stuff lately (note the link Dalamar gave a few posts back), and I'm still a bit unclear what should and shouldn't be tagged loli. I understand the whole "sexually explicit" bit, but what about grey-area terms? Example: post #250415. I think it falls in Questionable because it's not giving a clear view of genitalia, but isn't exactly work-safe either. Should I be tagging that as loli or child?

I just want to be sure I understand so I don't accidentally get myself in trouble. ^^;

I thank you for using my name now i know i'm part of the problem even if one pic out of the 3 pages of tag changes i have was undone i'm also happy i was not warned or WAS the 3 day ban my warning? anyway i see posts like post #174899 as loli.

(sorry not good at linking)


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