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Question here is the difference between the object, and the state. Lube (or lubricant) is a thing, lubrication is what happens when you use the lube. Not sure which direction we should go in, of if we should alias at all.

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  • What about non-sexual lubrication, ie. grease, oil, etc.? I believe these are usually not called "lube" (unless it's specifically in the context of mechanics, which is not the case on danbooru).

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  • I'd be against this alias as well. As Hazuki states, "lube" as used here basically pertains to sexual lubricants or at least lubricants meant for use on the human body "lubed-up wrestlers". Oil, grease, graphite, and other mechanical lubricants can be referred to as "lube", but are a very different semantic concept that we ought to keep separate. Even in their case, it's not a concept important enough to Danbooru's topic matter to warrant an umbrella tag.

    Basically no one on Danbooru is going to be interested in seeing oiled-up people and engine grease together, nor are they going to be searching out engine grease and WD-40 as a unified concept.

    tl;dr: Lube should remain unaliased as something to be used on or with humans; oil, grease, etc. should be kept tagged separately.

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