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Came across this issue while trying to tag post #1272294.

I've noticed quite a few images that use the strap tag for a multitude of reasons. Straps on a backpack (post #1210633), straps that are a part of attire that hold up apparel (post #1205647), straps that are more for securing something atypical of normal attire, usually on the chest (post #1167090, post #1179940), straps that may be more purse- and bag-related (post #1166479, post #1179543, but to be fair there's no visual proof of any purse or bag) and...I'm not even sure how strap fits in post #1166561, maybe it's not applicable there...my point is, there's a lot of ambiguity for what strap gets used for. Furthermore, there's no wiki entry for it. Oddly enough there's an entry for strap_slip but not strap.

Should we just leave the strap tag as ambiguous? If I see a camisole, for example, I'd be more likely to tag the image straps than just strap, but straps is aliased to strap. I'm not trying to kick up dust or anything, just noting my observations and concern for ambiguity. If it's not a big deal, just ignore me.

While on the subject, is there a tag for strapped chest armor that covers a single breast like in post #1272294? Maybe it's Fire Emblem specific and we don't need it, just throwing that out there.

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