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In regards to the topless and bottomless tags, looking in the wiki for the bottomless tag, it notes that "If an individual is wearing a maebari, but would otherwise qualify for the bottomless tag, they're considered bottomless. Maebari and similar objects are not considered clothing." Which I can understand. With that in mind I also take it that pasties would also be an exception for topless, though currently the topless wiki doesn't list the rules for it quite as in depth as bottomless does. Then coming to the nude tag, it lists socks, thighhighs, gloves, and shoes as items someone can wear and still be tagged nude.

My question over all here is this; is there some sort of central guideline to what counts as true "clothes" or not? For instance, is a person wearing nothing but a maebari considered nude as well since they do not count as clothing for bottomless? And similar, there are plenty of other clothing items not listed on any of these 3 wikis that seem to be wearable but still not prevent nudity; naked_scarf, naked_cape, and naked_ribbon posts all seem to be considered nude as well. Not to mention other items like hats, chokers, belts, armlets, and other items.

Maybe they don't need to match up more than they do, but I think for clarity in tagging it might be nice to know just what can still be covered and not considered clothed, as it were.

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    For pasties and maebari, if it only just covers the important bits, it doesn't count as clothing, so, nude.

    If it doesn't cover the important bits, nor a significant amount of skin between* - it's nude.

    *This should handle the clothes that cover normally except for being cut out around the important bits, which would not be considered nude.

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