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I've had this problem for a long time. Half of the flash uploads don't work on my laptop (running ubuntu 11.04), but most of those do work on my win7 PC. I always just assumed it being down to linux's poor flash support.

Edit: I use firefox 14 on both.

Seems to be a problem with newer flash versions. I remember having seen that one in FF maybe a year ago. Now in FF 16.0.2 with flash 10.3 it doesn't work, but the standalone player shows it just fine.

No reason to delete it, though. Adobe is to blame for this, not the file.

Well, then those should be undeleted again. Deleting them is just as weird as deleting all jpg on danbooru just because some image viewer doesn't work anymore.

Edit: I suggest adding a notice next to the "Save this flash" message explaining the problem.


Hansen_Sebastian said:
I don't think you should, though my flash doesn't seem to work....

Flash v9 should work for all those, the problems arose with later editions of v10. V11 made it even worse, that one doesn't even show videos on neither my old nor my new machine...

The standalone player is a good workaround if you don't want to install v9. Too bad there's no better alternative like with pdf viewers...

DanmakuShooter said:

I also have this problem: with flash and google chrome almost all the old flash animations don't work! Is a solution to this problem possible?

Use an older standalone player, v9 will do.

Schrobby said:

Use an older standalone player, v9 will do.

Agreed. I've been keeping a v9 standalone player handy ever since the problem started manifesting, just in case I want to watch any of the older flash on the website.

DanmakuShooter said:

Ah ok thanks, but can someone explain how to do it? I have to unistall the flash version I have now or not? And with the new versions in the future?

You don't need to uninstall or disable update. The standalone player is completely independent.

Get the old v9 archive here.

Unpack the included standalone player to a directory of your liking.

Download the swf you can't use with newer flash.

Open the file with the standalone player.