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Trying to group a few tags together here and clarify how a few of these related tags are to be used.

track_suit - I often just tagged this when I saw the "track jacket" and didn't know a separate tag existed for a while. Is this to be used only when the whole suit is visible (jacket and pants)?

track_jacket - This one is pretty obvious, other than wondering if it should be used in addition to track_suit if the whole uniform is visible, or if this is to only be used when there's a different bottom (like a school_uniform skirt or buruma)?

The first two pretty much seem to be equivalent to track suit pants (and probably could be aliased one way or the other). Sweatpants has a few that are visually equivalent to the others, and some that are close but not as much (maybe it should be a separate tag but cleaned up a bit?) These seem to be rarely used, though. It could be useful to distinguish images where the "track jacket" is not present and there's a gym_uniform, school_uniform, or whatever else as a top. Or should it be used anytime the pants are visible? (clearly underused currently in that case)

Any other possibly related tags that can be brought up? (since I haven't searched too thoroughly yet) There is the jersey issue as in forum #40392, and it looks like that tag still needs some more cleanup glancing at the first page of it.

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The wiki for track_suit does seem to implicate both and I guess that makes sense. So I guess the question is whether we can just use that for partial track suits, or not.

I guess it can't hurt to have the more specific tags too, applying when just one or the other is visible. Something like post #858833, for example.

Question would be whether we implicate track_suit.

Hillside_Moose said:
I don't see a problem with the jogging_pants alias, but I question the sweatpants alias. sweatpants are mostly heavy-cotton, grey pants, not the polyester, striped pants as shown in jogging_pants/track_pants.

Not too familiar with clothing terminology and Wikipedia has them all redirected to sweatpants. Doing some Google image searching on the various terms, though, and I think I get what distinction you're trying to make. Seems like a lot of what's under sweatpants currently would still need to be changed to track_pants anyway.

Yeah, I thought we solved jersey long ago, in which we would use it for professional team and generic sports jerseys, and change the rest to track_*, or something like that, but I guess not.

There's also sweats, in which some track_suit posts are included.

I'd say no to sweatpants. To me, that, sweatshirt, and sweats implies thicker, different material clothing than the lighter track_suit, and often lacks typical track_suit identifiers, like the side stripes. Sweatpants could still have use, such as for images like post #657923 or post #351175. Though it's not easy sometimes, like when you get sweatpants that look like track_pants, like in post #842682, not disregarding the fact that some track_suits don't have stripes and it could be hard to tell in either case.

Oh, someone replied. So, yeah, don't to sweatpants.

UnderneathTheWaves said:
Yeah, I thought we solved jersey long ago, in which we would use it for professional team and generic sports jerseys, and change the rest to track_*, or something like that, but I guess not.

Well, I think it's "solved", but it's just that some unfamiliar with the discussion will still tag it anyway, particularly since track_suits are commonly called ジャージ in the Japanese sources, so it's more one of those tags that tend to need more cleanup after a while.

On a side note, a little while back I cleaned up the gym_shorts tag a bit, as there were quite a few bike_shorts and even buruma around in it. I'm not sure if something like post #943346 (more of the standard gym uniform bottoms I'd think when it's not buruma) would really be the same tag as the others currently there but I'm blanking on what terminology would be appropriate to use. Whatever the case, they're all woefully undertagged compared to buruma and bike shorts.

Anyone have any opinions on track suit vs. jacket vs. pants? I generally only tag suit when both the jacket and pants are a unified whole, and tag the individual parts otherwise. There's still some inconsistency on how they're used, but I'm hesitant to do any cleanup as there wasn't much discussion on that particular issue (and so can't really claim there was any consensus).