tag alias: ox -> bull

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i'm aware of the same thing and that's the common understanding i believe. however, this article (no citations) goes further beyond the balls and points differences in purpose, sub-genus, size, genetic DNA code, and religious symbolism.

it appears that oxen are a bit larger and used mainly for draft/pulling carts (for farm work) while bulls are for breeding and food.

a quick dictionary and wikipedia check show that bull as an intact (sexual organs) adult male of bovine animal while ox as the adult castrated male of the genus Bos.

additionally, bulls are not exclusive to bovine animal, but may also refer to male elephants, moose, and whales among others.

i'm not sure how deep or agriculturally accurate we really want but posts-wise people are tagging ox bull to refer to the same thing. and bull is exclusive (posts-wise) to the bovine animal.

regarding size, it's subjective and may vary. and regarding the 'purpose', we can use tags like chariot, cart, yoke, etc to possibly address this.

alias or not would be fine i guess. but imho, it would be best that the two appear together in a single tag. or if not, a good wiki differentiating the two.