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In the past, the kindergarten tag has been used to refer to the uniform, even when the wearer is not a kindergartner (older characters cosplaying). Now there is actually a separate kindergarten_uniform tag, but it hasn't been used much. I've thought one way to distinguish these tags is by cutting down the use of kindergarten to refer to groups only (several kindergartners, or with a kindergarten_teacher present among the kindergartner(s)), and use just kindergarten_uniform when it's one character in the uniform. Any thoughts and ideas on this?

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Definitely _uniform for the clothing, but I wouldn't restrict it to solo images. If someone is wearing it, we should tag it if it's 1 or 1000. As for kindergarten, using it as a catch-all for kindergarten-y scenes is sensible I guess.

jxh2154 said:
Definitely _uniform for the clothing, but I wouldn't restrict it to solo images.

My wording was kind of confusing. I didn't mean restricting uniform to solo images (any image with the uniform should have it). Basically I meant excluding the "kindergarten" tag from solo images. Otherwise, it's not really very distinct and we might as well implicate kindergarten_uniform to kindergarten.

There are still many kindergarten images that have kindergarten_uniforms but are not tagged as such, so I'm thinking of populating the latter tag soon with those images. Is there any agreement on what the kindergarten tag itself should apply to exactly? Unsure I should clean up the tag any without a consensus on it (including everything is easily possible with a wildcard search, though)

Also, what should the bags that frequently come with the uniform be tagged as? I was thinking they would be considered a satchel, but that hasn't been tagged very often on kindergarten uniform images. Needs something specific to contrast with the items older school girls carry like randoseru and school_bag.

Ah, yes, removal is fine. Kindergarten shuld be restricted to scenes taking place in the actual location, or some obvious reference to, like a sandbox and swings even if the building is not depicted. Or the interactions between students and their teachers.

Guess it's similar how we don't tag "restaurant" for every waitress outfit, unless it actually depicts a scene in a restaurant.

Alias kindergarten_hat -> school_hat
Implicate kindergarten_bag -> bag

Just noticed this tag, and since the hats are visually identical whether they're worn by kindergartners or grade schoolers, it doesn't need a separate tag.

The bags on the other hand... I tried looking up our previous discussion on them, but I'm still not really sure on the differences between shoulder_bag and satchel. A lot of the bags in those tags are visually dissimilar to the kindergarten bags, which are usually small and yellow (similar in color to the hats). I think it would be useful to have a separate tag for them for cases like post #1279115 where there is no distinctive kindergarten_uniform features other than hat and bag.

*edit* Looking back I had argued on making shoulder_bag a style type tag that refers to bags that use a shoulder strap to hold up the bag as opposed to handles (such as those of a briefbag or briefcase). Satchel didn't have a clear definition and I proposed it be defined as "a soft flat bottomed bag with two handles or straps and a zipper or clasp opening at the top." (forum #18468)