Tag Suggestion: light/pale_nipples

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For a stark example, post #1304457 (rating:Q); as another, post #825641.

While this seems it'd generally coincide with the dark_skin tag, it could just be any time the nipple/areola hue(?) is lighter than the surrounding skin.

Since a more typical color for a light-skinned subject's nipple could be on a darker-skinned subject, I'm hesitant to go with pale_nipples, and light_nipples is antonymous to dark_skin and, appropriately, dark_nipples.

Updated by jxh2154

Okay I've aliased pale_nipples -> light_nipples

Edit: er, or not, I submitted with a space by accident once. Deleted that and tried again but it keeps aliasing to "light" instead of light_nipples. I'll have to try again later.