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2 words or 1 they're both acceptable terms, so feel free to change it. There also exists a Police_Officer tag as well

Create Alias:
Policewoman -> Police_Woman
Police-woman -> Police_Woman
Policeman -> Police_Man
Police-man -> Police_Man
Cop -> Police_Officer

Create Implication
Police_Woman -> Police_Officer
Police_Man -> Police_Officer

After a bit a checking it seems as if a majority of the above are already implicated to police

Updated by jxh2154

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  • Did this:
    create alias police_woman -> policewoman
    create alias police-woman -> policewoman
    create alias police_man -> policeman
    create alias police-man -> policeman
    create alias cop -> police
    create alias police_officer -> police
    create implication policewoman -> police
    create implication policeman -> police

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